The Defense arena is a unique business and technology development environment. Understanding DoD processes, timelines, and budgets is key to success. STS's educated and experienced staff have specialized in government services for over 30 years providing a continuum of support from acquisition strategy management through product development and technology insertion.

Understanding and fulfilling our customer's requirements is the cornerstone of STS's management and technology development methodologies. Our staff routinely exceeds expectations for efficiently and effectively managing programs for rapid development efforts with fluctuating budgetary and schedule scenarios as well as longer-term, more stable management environments. Specializing in Signature Management and Composite technologies, we consistently employ systems engineering principles to mature our technology innovations to reduce risk and meet cost and schedule goals, while advancing the state of the art in the Defense community.

Leveraging small business resources is a game changer in providing the most innovative technology at the best value to our customers. Through strategic partnering we are able to strengthen our value proposition; providing the best minds, facilities, and services at lower costs. Strategic partnering also enables cost-sharing/cost-matching opportunities which can further advance technology maturation or provide critical funding in shrinking Defense budget environments.